Our Only Comfort is an outreach Bible Study sponsored by Georgetown PRC that meets in Muskegon, Michigan. We invite you to join us!

Topics include:

  • What is the Bible?
  • Who is God?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Where do we go when we die?

Is there any comfort in this life or are we simply a meaningless pile of atoms put together by chance over time?

Were we birthed from primordial soup to live a short, monotonous life of few pleasures and much pain, to be forgotten in death as the wheel of time turns until we finally annihilate
ourselves or are wiped out by the violence of nature’s destructive forces?

Is life worth living? Is there any meaning to life outside of ourselves?
Are you alone in this world, forsaken and unlovable?
Do the things that once gave you pleasure now leave you empty?

Will justice ever be given to those who have hurt you?
Will mercy ever be given to you for those you have hurt? Will your guilt ever go away?

When everything you thought would bring you joy and
comfort has left you unfulfilled, where do you turn to? Is there
any comfort in life and death?

We invite you to join us to learn about Your Only Comfort!