“But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” Acts 6:4

Village Outreach 1

Spreading the gospel is no small task in a country that is 95% Hindu and Islamic, however Pastor Paulraj has made it his life’s work to spread the message of Christianity to as many as possible. After completing his studies in 2003, Paulraj and his wife Kasthuri began their Reformed Mission work of bringing the Word to contacts in and around Vellore, located in southern India. Some of Paulraj’s work includes translation of Christian literature into the Tamil language, a published Reformed newsletter, Sola Gratia Bible study programs, and Sunday worship services. In addition, he brings the gospel weekly to several villages surrounding Vellore.

Village Outreach 2

The Reformed Christian Church of Vellore (RCCV) was established in March of 2011. The establishment of the RCCV is a long awaited answer to prayer. Many of the infant and adult members of the church were able to be baptized, and some adult members were able to make confession of faith. The church meets in an open air facility close to the Grace Foster Home in Vellore.

Village Outreach 4

The outreach program is a ministry that reaches out to people in the surrounding villages of Vellore. Paulraj visits the villages weekly and brings the good news of the Gospel through singing and preaching. A keyboard is set up and as they start to play and sing, people emerge from their homes to listen and hear the word of Christ brought to them. In addition to going out to the villages, Paulraj and Kasthuri organize a Vacation Bible School program for the village children during the summer break from school. Summer Bible Schools meet for one week, and on the last day there is a program to which parents are invited. The purpose of the Bible School is that the parents as well as the children learn the truth of the gospel.

Village Outreach 3

The Sola Gratia program is a Bible Study that covers the Bible in its entirety, for the benefit of those who are interested in learning the truth of the Reformed Faith. Many members of the RCCV as well as some of the older children fromGrace Foster Home participate in this program.

The India Mission Outreach of GPRC provides assistance to RCCV in two main areas with the focus always on the spread of the gospel. Financial assistance is given to RCCV and its various ministry program as well as to Grace Foster Homethrough a sponsorship program. In addition to financial assistance, members of the outreach committee of GPRC (pastors and elders), as well as pastors from other churches, meet with Paulraj on a bi-weekly basis via Skype, studying the Bible in depth and increasing Paulraj’s understanding of the Reformed faith.

Vellore Church