From a young age, Pastor Paulraj has had a fervent desire for the Word of God, and has made it his life’s work to spread the Gospel to as many as possible around the community of Vellore, India. He was born to Christian parents and has three living sisters. Paulraj graduated from college and then taught English at a Community College. He completed Theological training both in India and abroad. He married Kasthuri in May 2001 and both became students of ARTS (Asian Reformed Theological School) in Singapore. He studied there for two years under Rev. Jason Kortering and after completing his studies returned to Vellore to begin his mission work. In September 2009, Pastor Paulraj was ordained into the ministry, and in March of 2011, his prayer of establishing a Reformed Church in Vellore was answered.

Paulraj and Kasturi

Kasthuri was born to Hindu parents. They were unable to care for her financially, so some of her life was spent in a Christian home with Dr. David Kirupakaran. He provided for her education and encouraged her in her Christian faith. She graduated from CMCH in Vellore as a Registered Nurse, attended classes through ARTS, then turned down a job opportunity in the United States in order to realize her dream of caring for the parentless. This dream became reality in 2007 with the start of the Grace Foster Home (Karunalaya). Kasthuri’s decision to marry a Christian was strongly opposed by her parents and relatives. Her father has since died as a Christian; her mother, also a Christian, continues to assist in the care of the children at Karunalaya.

Paulraj and Kasthuri live in their home in Vellore with their 2 children, Jason and Joan.