Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church was organized in March of 1994 with 34 families. The members of our church family represent various walks of life. That which unites us is our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, a strong commitment to God’s Word, and the belief that we are saved by sovereign grace alone. At the present time we number around 100 families or 430 souls.

The content of our common faith is that which is described in the name of our congregation. We stand in the heritage of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Reformed indicates that we consciously strive to be a part of the Reformation. We confess the truths of Calvinism, namely the sovereignty of God’s grace to save His people in the precious blood of Christ. Protestant indicates our increasing effort to be faithful to God and His Word in a sinful world.

Our congregation belongs to the federation of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. We believe in the historic Christian faith as summarized in these three creeds:

– The Heidelberg Catechism

– The Belgic Confession

– The Canons of Dordt

We believe these creeds accurately proclaim the gospel of God revealed in the Bible.